Escape Communications leading edge technology powers two important markets: mmWave high capacity modems and protected communications modems

mmWave High Capacity Modems

There is a seemingly endless demand for bandwidth as the number of mobile users and applications expand. High rate data is demanded and expected by mobile users everywhere and at all times. Backhaul is how user data is transmitted from the core network to user’s mobile devices. This demand has been principally met by fiber optic and low data rate copper connections to mobile basestations. Traditionally, microwave links to a basestation or tower have served as an alternative technology to meet the need to transport data from the core network to the physical location of the basestation – these can be identified by the “drum –like” antennas that can be seen on some cell towers. Specific frequencies were designated by governments and regulators to serve this purpose. These were typically in the 6-42 GHz range and were allotted bandwidths from 5-60 MHz. These are referred to as the “licensed bands”. A great deal of innovation was done in these bands to pack more and more information into these relatively narrow bandwidths. Escape has technology to serve these bands for state of the art low latency and to support modulation complexities up to 4096QAM.


Our technology really differentiates itself at the higher bands – 71 to 86 GHz in the chart. Our modems occupy up to 2 GHz in BW and support data rates to 10 Gbps. Our radios are software defined and run on our core IP and algorithms. This enables state of the art data rates including the first public demonstration of a 10 Gbps over-the-air link.

Protected Communications Modems

There are numerous stories of instances where pirates have jammed the communications of our US military. What is the solution to this? Protected communications.

Protected communications are sophisticated communications which are frequency hopped, encrypted and operate in a multiple access format with multiple modulation formats and rates. The PTW waveform and AEHF waveform are both in this class of waveform. Escape Communications has modems developed or in development to support these waveforms.