Our HDX line of commercial SATCOM ground terminals provide wideband, multi-gigabit-per-second rate satellite communications compliant with the DVB-S2 suite of standards.  These terminals provide solutions for High Throughput Satellite (HTS) terminals, earth observation gateways, and high-data rate point-to-point transponded satellite links

Commercial Satellite Communications Products

10G Front View with reflection 23


DVB-S2(X) compliant SATCOM gateway modem unit, SW-configurable MODCOD types QPSK to 32APSK, LDPC FEC, fully managed via SNMP, field upgradable firmware

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MXDX-1200 Front


High-capacity 10 Gbps Flexible Multiplexer/Demultiplexer and Packet Processor.  Compatible with HDX DVB-S2(X) Satcom Gateway demodulators.   Multiport, flexible, programmable featuring ten 10BASE SFP+ ports and eighteen 1GBASE SFP ports, web GUI, SNMP, and SSH/telnet management.

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IRIS Photo

Customized Satellite Communications Products

Escape Communications provides customized satellite communications platforms, leveraging existing product designs, an expansive library of wholly-owned intellectual property, and a full suite if product design expertise

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