Escape Communications is a privately held company headquartered in Torrance California. ¬†Founded in 1998, we have continued to exceed our customers’ expectations with state of the art products that enable the high speed data communications in the wireless and defense markets.

Our products differentiate themselves by leveraging our extensive portfolio of IP. These digital signal processing cores are utilized in our products with our mixed signal and embedded microprocessor hardware and firmware to create state of the art products. The majority of our products are built on FPGA platforms to allow some feature customization for product differentiation by our customers.

Our products serve the telecom and defense industries. In the telecom segment, we offer modem boards that provide the high data rates for mobile basestations and small cells. The modems provide data rates up to 10 Gbps and are integrated with 3rd party RF solutions to enable turnkey solutions for customers. We offer indoor units (IDUs) for mobile basestations and private networks.

In the space and defense segment, we offer AEHF modems with embedded protected waveform processing. The products enable reliable communications for terminals in very challenging LPI/LPD and contested environments.