Escape Communications designs and produces leading edge products that are revolutionizing high capacity wireless communications. Our technology and modem powered the first public demonstration of a 10 Gbps wireless link. This is critical technology for connecting 5G basestations as well as enterprise connections. Our sophisticated modems also power hopped, multiple access communications for government applications.

mmWave Backhaul:

Mobile base stations have relied on microwave backhaul for many years to connect the base stations to the core network. As the transition to LTE and 5G continues, the amount of data demanded and generated by each user increases leading to the inevitable increase in data from the mobile base stations to the core network. E-band (71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz) is a lightly licensed band in the majority of the world that offers 5 GHz of bandwidth for backhauling data over point to point microwave links. Escape Communications offers a best in class 256 QAM modulation that allows high data rate links to be achieved. The modems have been integrated with numerous RF solutions to provide customers to a turn key solution.

telecommunications tower

Satellite In Space. 3D Scene.

Protected Communication for Space and Defense:

Increasing defense communications must operate in a contested environment where jamming and interception are a fact of life. Protected waveforms such as the PTW waveform and the XDR waveform for AEHF are the standard for providing frequency hopped low probability of intercept (LPI) and low probability of detection (LPD) communication. Escape Communications has developed and shipped modems that are compliant to the AEHF waveform and are the key technology for communication on the move (COTM) and low cost terminals. As the government faces increasing budget pressure and simultaneous demand for bandwidth to equip its forces, the commercial cost effective approaches employed by Escape’s modems will power these lower cost LPI/LPD terminals.