Dr Caso has over 35 years of experience at algorithm development, simulation, and implementation of communication and related signal processors.

His experience includes development of various digital synthesizers and receivers, coherent (QAM), non-coherent, multi-channel, and multi-rate modems, hopping and direct-sequence spread-spectrum systems, acquisition and tracking systems, coders and decoders, multiplexers and demultiplexers, and line interfacing modules. Dr Caso has extensive experience at both hardware (ASIC and FPGA based) solutions as well as software (DSP based).

From 1987 to 1998, Dr. Caso was a Communication Systems Engineer with TRW Electronics and Space Division in Redondo Beach, California. There he was a key contributor on projects such as low and high-rate PSK modems, multi-rate multi-mod-type demods, multi-channel demods, and beam-forming antennnas. Key projects included Milstar, Milstar II, Advanced EHF, Skycap, Astrolink, OISEL, and the Telecommunications Initiative.

In 1998, Dr. Caso founded Escape to provide consulting and contract development of communication systems and related signal processors. At Escape Dr. Caso is the lead architect and algorithm developer. Dr. Caso’s expertise in algorithm development and DSP have fueled the state of the art product development at Escape. Dr. Caso has been the chief architect of the protected waveform modems at Escape Communications.

Dr. Caso holds a BSEE (1987) from Texas A&M University, MSEE (1988) and PhD EE (1996) from University of Southern California. Dr. Caso is the inventor or co-inventor of 13 patents.