E-band Modem ESM-2506

escape communications

Turnkey design of complex
wireless communications products and systems

  • Advanced signal processing for space
    and terrestrial communications
  • High rate gigabit-speed wireless modems

Flexible, programmable, field upgradable
equipment for point-to-point microwave links

  • QPSK to 256QAM Modulation Types
  • Native TDM & IP interfaces
  • 200 KHz to 250 MHz Operating BWs
  • Web & SNMP management

Advanced Wireless Communications for Telecom, Space & Defense

Escape provides contract development of advanced wireless signal processing platforms. Our customers include system integrators and subsystem providers to the space and defense industry.

  • FPGA-based digital communications signal processing
  • Complex, high-speed mixed signal board design
  • Embedded microprocessors and software for element management
  • Low to mid-volume production

Escape develops and markets wireless products based on our library of signal proceesing IP and PWB design expertise. Our customers include major OEMs and System integrators.

  • Indoor Units for licensed-band radio terminals
  • Gigabit ethernet modem modules for terrestrial wireless communications
  • Customized multi-gigabit demodulators for space and defense applications